Brad played journalist Mike Wallace, Major General Edwin Walker, and ten other characters in this ensemble-driven, historical drama about the nine black students who fought to integrate Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Brad and the cast of Little Rock are the recipients of the 2015 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Ensemble in A Play.

The production ran at Passage Theatre Company in Trenton, NJ. Photos by Michael Goldstein. 

Brad Ogden is particularly effective as a student named Ford who endlessly, and without any visible consequence, insults, picks on, and provokes members of the Nine. In a switch, Ogden is also warm, believable, and sweetly nerdy as Link, a student who befriends Melba, played by McGlone. McGlone and Ogden are wonderful.
— Phindie


Brad played Aslan, Mr. Beaver, Tumnus, Fenris Ulf, and the Professor in a high-octane, five-actor musical adaptation of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The production toured to theaters throughout the American east coast and Midwest — including the Papermill Playhouse, the Florida Theatre, and Carolina Theatre of Durham.

The tour was produced by Theatreworks USA, New York, NY.  Photos by Jason Blitman and Shannon Remley.


Brad played the roles of Father and Narrator while also assistant directing the Czech premiere of Finegan Kruckemeyer's This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing. This adventurous play deals with finding one's way in the world apart from one's family. It was featured in the 14th Annual Prague Fringe Festival in the Czech Republic.

The production ran at Studio Rubín, Prague, CZ. Photos by Lux Nieve. 


Brad has been involved in multiple workshops and readings of new plays in New York and Philadelphia. While studying at University of the Arts, he performed in Matt Pfeiffer's production of A Free Man of Color, Amy Dugas Brown's production of The Arabian Nights, and Frank Anzalone's production of Big River. Brad has also conceived, directed, and starred in two web series.

Photos by Matt DeJong, Sam Nagel, Paola Nogueras, and Molly Smith.